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When it comes to PR and publicity, a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses are stuck in that place where they’re too busy to manage their own public relations and marketing but also can’t afford to hire a firm or publicist- yet.

So, I’m sharing a tip that will jump start publicity for your business while generating a rewarding return on your investment of time and money… because time IS money, right?

This is a triple duty PR pitch that has the power to:
  • Generate great publicity for your business
  • Create valuable content for your audience that you can use on your website and social media
  • Alleviate one of your biggest customer service pet peeves!

The key is to Identify an absolutely irresistible pitch.

What makes a pitch irresistible?

Answer these following questions:

What is the biggest misconception about my business, product or industry?

What do customers or friends always ask me about?

What customer service emails am I constantly answering, over and over again?

What do my customers thank me for the most?

For example, if you sell an organic food or beauty product, you may get the same questions about why organic is better than non-organic versions.

If you’re an accountant, you may see customers making the same mistakes on their taxes over and over again, costing them money.

If you’re a birth doula, you may find you’re always explaining the difference between what you do as a doula vs. the services of a midwife.

These hot topics in your business are more than likely the perfect topics to pitch to the media.

So, once you’ve nailed down your perfect positioning, email the blog, news station, reporter, or editor and tell them you would enjoy educating their audience on this topic or serving as an expert. If you can make it timely, even better!

An easy timely pitch would be to offer a tie-in with Spring.

Think: Spring break travel, weather changes, spring cleaning (your house, your hard drive, your relationships, you name it!), garden prep, spring makeover… I could literally find an angle for nearly any industry that has to do with “Spring.”

Some other angles to consider: Tax Day, Mother’s Day, other holidays, industry deadlines/events, any upcoming product launches, a national news tie-in, the election. It’s usually pretty easy to come up with a angle that will make your pitch even more newsworthy to an audience.

If you’re struggling to find a timely angle for your pitch, comment below and tell me what your business is… challenge accepted!

Once you’ve nailed down your pitch, post it below and I’ll offer feedback! 

That’s my Q1 PR gift to you. 🙂

The result: publicity for your business + a strong piece of content that provides social proof (remember: marketing/advertising is saying you are awesome, PR is someone else saying you are awesome!) that you can re-purpose on your social media channels, as a blog, or in the ‘news feature’ section of your site.

And third, it educates your audience on a common misconception or question, which will reduce the need for all of those redundant customer service emails!

Still not sure how to formally make an actual pitch? Go back to my Free Media Guide (you can get it by signing up for my Amplified Newsletter) and check out the customizable scripts.