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Episode 1: The Entrepreneurial Personality Type and Being in Momentum with Alex Charfen

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The AMPLIFY Show is here to shine a spotlight on inspiring people doing incredible things, to help you amplify your business, and your life. In episode 1 of The AMPLIFY Show I am talking with Alex Charfen, business coach extraordinaire and author of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type. 



Alex has a history of taking failing business and turning them around, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a shock that after his own real estate business went bankrupt, his next venture made it onto the Inc. 500’s top 50 list in it’s first eligible year. As my own coach, Alex has given me a roadmap for growing my business, my team, and my overall clarity in life. 

“Essentially, every business is a turn-around because there’s always challenges in a business.”- Alex Charfen


Moving the Needle Now


Alex shares his philosophy for strategic business planning, implementing processes that move the needle forward now, rather than trying to plan far into the future and having to constantly realign a confused team. He says that having a plan for today forward rather than an obscure 3 year vision is the best way to explode growth. 


EPT and the Legacy of the Huntress


We talk about the Entrepreneurial Personality Type, Alex’s book and theory defining fundamental traits that entrepreneurs share, and why people like us are vital to a growing society. 


“..we are that small percentage of the population that… goes through the vulnerability and exposure it takes to question the status quo..”  -Alex Charfen


He shares about his systems and programs, and what it means to be a “huntress”. Alex believes in the power of strong women, and empowers women to help themselves and each other in his mastermind and business coaching groups. 


“You can be both–you can be the mother and the nurturer and a family leader, and also lead a business.” -Emily Richett


Morning Routines for Intentional Success


High achievers know that how you start your day matters, and Alex is no exception. We talk through his personal morning routine, and the top 3 things you can do to improve your mornings. 


“…the way you start your day with intention is going to be carried throughout the day.” -Alex Charfen


Topics discussed with high growth business coach Alex Charfen in this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Entrepreneurial Personality Type
  • Alex’s Mastermind and his definition of the “huntress”
  • Women in business 
  • Morning routines for high achievers
  • The top 3 things to incorporate into your morning routine
  • Rapid Fire Round Q&A on business tools, false beliefs and what he knows to be true


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