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Episode 4: Embracing Mindfulness in Parenting and Life with the Mindful Mama Mentor, Hunter Clarke-Fields

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On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show I am talking with the Mindful Mama Mentor, Hunter Clarke-Fields. Hunter teaches mindfulness and peaceful parenting techniques to help us become more enjoyable, less irritable parents. 



We talk about the importance of accepting each moment, practicing skills, and giving ourselves a break. Hunter shares about feeling like a failure as a parent, and realizing that accepting our own humanity and practicing can produce change.


“The more I am accepting of my humanity, of my anger as it arises, of my frustration, of my mistakes… the easier it is to create change.” -Hunter Clarke-Fields


We talk about unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our kids, and Hunter gives us some advice on how to get past habitual patterns we may have learned in our childhood families. She also shares about her upcoming book “Raising Good Humans.” Her book bridges two vital areas: the neuroscience of mindfulness, and improved patterns of communication and parenting techniques. 


Topics discussed in this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Using mindfulness to calm reactivity and change the energy in our homes
  • What to do if parenting feels negative
  • Accepting our own emotions
  • Modeling self-care and inner work for our kids
  • How to stop yelling
  • Unrealistic expectations of our kids and ourselves
  • Self-compassion
  • Hunter’s book “Raising Good Humans”

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Hunter Clarke-Fields, is a mindfulness mentor, host of the Mindful Mama podcast, creator of the Mindful Parenting course, and author of the upcoming book, Raising Good Humans. She helps moms bring more calm and peace into their daily lives. Hunter has over twenty years of experience in meditation and yoga practices and has taught mindfulness to thousands worldwide.

Hunter is a widely-followed blogger and her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, MOPS, Elephant Journal, Mothering, and a number of other online magazines and websites. She is the mother of two active daughters, who challenge her everyday to hone her craft!


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