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Episode 6: Simplicity Parenting and Entrepreneurship with Kim John Payne

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My guest on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show is world-renowned counselor, researcher, author, and parenting expert Kim John Payne. Even if you’re not a parent, I urge you to check out this episode for some really eye-opening research, as well as advice on self-regulation and dealing with our own issues as adults first. 



“It’s about how we can be better regulated when our kids are pressing our buttons…” -Kim John Payne


We talk about concrete and doable ways to make deep connections with our kids, de-escalate high emotions, and instill a sense of hope in our families. We also cover our current culture where overwhelm has become the norm and we are constantly trying to do more, be more, have more.  Kim’s Simplicity Parenting program aims to help you make small, doable changes, worry less – and enjoy more. 


“When we live a simple and balanced life, we’re living closer to our values as a family.” -Kim John Payne


Topics discussed with Kim John Payne of Simplicity Parenting include:

  • Simplifying family life
  • Research on childhood trends
  • Instilling your values as a part of family life
  • Balancing work and family time
  • Checking our expectations
  • Trauma and coping 
  • Screentime
  • Structure vs simplicity
  • Launching kids into adulthood
  • Raising kids with less stress and overwhelm


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