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Episode 16: Marketing with Connection, Authenticity, and Vulnerability with Natalie Hodson

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I’m always trying to find ways to live a more authentic life. As entrepreneurs, this can be especially hard because we feel we have to wear different masks: the “leader” at work, the “caretaker” at home, the strong one, the funny one, the “figure it out” one. If we’re not careful, we end up building businesses or communities that we don’t really feel a connection to because we did not build them from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.

On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I talk with Natalie Hodson. I’ve known her for a couple years and have always admired her ability to share her heart while still earning respect and being a strong leader. In this episode, she tells her story of building a multimillion-dollar business after going through a divorce, navigating life as a single mom, and even peeing her pants on video- yup, we talk about her accidental viral fitness video! She talks about why she’s so open with her experiences and how to be vulnerable and authentic, especially as a business owner. 

We get pretty deep about some of our experiences and I specifically ask her about some of my biggest hangups I experience in being transparent about failures, life challenges, and hardship.

Natalie also shares advice for handling shame, criticism, and trauma (yes, EMDR therapy works!). You don’t have to own a business or have experienced significant trauma to learn from Natalie in this podcast, so take a listen. 


“As humans, we want connection. We want to be seen and heard. And I believe the more you own your stories, the less power those stories have over you.” -Natalie Hodson


Topics discussed with Natalie Hodson on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • [6:30] Her embarrassing story of peeing her pants that led to a shift in her business
  • [9:25] People crave vulnerability and connection
  • [12:10] Natalie’s tip for being authentic even when it feels hard
  • [13:40] The formula Natalie uses to tell vulnerable stories
  • [16:00] Handling criticism & haters online
  • [19:30] Natalie talks about shame and vulnerability
  • [22:00] Emily and Natalie talk about their experiences with EMDR Therapy
  • [27:00] Taking off the mask of perfection
  • [31:45] How to separate your identity from your actions
  • [36:00] Natalie talks about the 3 mentors she modeled and how she did it


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