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Episode 33: The Success-Energy Equation & Creating the Life You Want with Michelle Cederberg

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It’s going on three weeks into the new year, and I want to remind you that no matter what you started the year with, it’s not too late to start over or hop back on the train. This is your little new year’s pep talk because statistically, this is where people start falling off those goals and start letting the mundane of a new year settle in. So that’s your reminder. Keep at it; keep pursuing your goals!

Today, to help you keep going, I have an interview with Michelle Cederberg, professional speaker and best-selling author of The Success-Energy Equation. Michelle has a background in psychology and kinesiology, and her book is all about finding clarity among distractions and the science behind common sense success strategies.

 Take a listen, and find Michelle’s new book at


“Reframe to what’s possible. Instead of saying it can’t be done, ask, ‘how might it?’” -Michelle Cederberg


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • [1:00] My thoughts on staying “on track” and getting clarity in the new year
  • [4:15] How energy relates to success (1.5 mins after interview starts)
  • [5:45] Steps to finding your energy
  • [9:20] How autopilot gets in the way of what you want
  • [13:30] Rethink how you pursue your goals
  • [15:15] The four Rs


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