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Episode 35: Create More Happiness by Asking These Three Questions

Motherhood + Life

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We’re finishing up the first month of the new year, which is always a great time to reflect on annual goals or resolutions. But today, I’m going to take a micro-approach to goal setting. It’s great to keep your big annual goals in mind, but these get far more attention and glory than small habits and changes. I’m believing more and more that it’s the daily stresses and joys that ultimately impact our lives, even more than the big, lofty goals. 

I created a monthly review process last year- really from a place of desperation. It ended up giving me so much clarity and made such a profound impact in my life and I’m excited to share it with you today. It involves asking yourself 3 questions. The magic is in tackling each month and figuring out the things that truly bring stress and happiness to your days and how to let go of one (stress), to create more space for the other (happiness). It creates a clear roadmap forward for the next month. 

Unlike assessing your annual goal that may not really change much over the course of a year, this will help you re-assess your life and all those little factors that DO change month to month. Heck, when the weather changes, the amount of stress and happiness in my life changes (if you’ve lived through a brutal Michigan winter or the beauty of a Michigan summer, you know what I mean!). So it only makes sense to tackle this monthly instead of only focusing on those big, annual goals. 

If you try my monthly review strategy, I’d love to hear about how it goes! Just tag me on Instagram @EmilyRichett.


Topics discussed:

  • [1:45] How I came up with my monthly review strategy
  • [2:40] The three questions to ask yourself to clear mental roadblocks and build momentum
  • [10:15] How to get actionable
  • [13:40] Bonus monthly review tip – the fourth question to ask yourself 

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