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Episode 44: 5 Reasons to Create a Digital Product or Course

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Well, I’m still waiting on baby #3 to arrive, so I decided to “birth” one more podcast episode before I take a short break from the show for maternity leave!

Today I’m talking about why you should create a digital product or course. This episode applies if you have a service-based business like I do, if you’re a doctor or consultant, or even if you own a local, brick and mortar business. 

Obviously, the online space for business has grown immensely this past year. People are more comfortable than ever handing over their money to learn from someone online. So the opportunity to sell your knowledge and expertise in the form of an online product or course is huge.

About 4 years ago, I launched my first online program, Amplify. I just recently revamped the entire program, which you can hear more about in my previous episode about how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done

Redoing my own course reminded me what a powerful tool online programs can be for entrepreneurs, so here are my top 5 reasons you should create your own digital product or course.


1. More people can work with you 

An online program gives more opportunity for people to work with you at a lower price point. You can provide value to people in an entry-level way to get started, especially for people who aren’t financially able to invest in your other products or services. 


2. You can make more impact

Having an online course or product will increase your impact. If you were previously limited to in-person services, sharing your expertise online can help you reach and impact people you wouldn’t have been able to reach before. 

For example, I have recently been working with Gold Coast Doulas to create a course for new and expecting moms. While previously they only provided in-person services to women in the West Michigan area, now their expertise and the reliable information provided in their “Becoming” course is available to expecting mothers across the country.


3. It generates a new, more passive revenue stream

The nature of serving more people online is that it creates an entirely new revenue stream. Not only is it providing more revenue, but after you create it, all you have to do is maintain and ensure your content is staying relevant. A self-paced online course is a much more passive source of revenue than most other products and services. 


4. It positions you as a thought leader or expert in your field 

You could write a book to establish yourself as an expert in your field, but that takes time, connections, and money. Launching an online program, especially a course, is a great way to establish credibility in your industry. The more credibility you have, the more willing people are to spend money on whatever it is you’re selling. 


5. It’s fun!

In my business, nearly all the deliverables for my clients happen by my team. A lot of what I do now is admin work, business development, and other higher level items. Having an online program is my opportunity to dive back into that client-facing work, have fun with creating the courses, and work one-on-one with a group of entrepreneurs. And of course, it’s also fun to see the impact it’s having on their businesses. 

So that’s my “why” for launching an online program. The “how” part is a bit more challenging though, so stay tuned for future episodes where I’ll go over this in a bit more detail. You can expect to see new episodes of The AMPLIFY Show again this summer, when I’m back from maternity leave. Until next time!


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