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Episode 46: Creating Systems for Success With Kate Erickson

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Today on the show I’m talking with Kate Erickson, one half of the duo behind the Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas and host of her own show, Kate’s Take. 

Kate runs all of the systems and processes behind Entrepreneurs on Fire and gives us an inside view of what those processes look like.

I love learning how entrepreneurs have set up their multi-million dollar businesses for success. Kate and John are two entrepreneurs who aren’t running themselves ragged with their business, all because of automation and setting up processes and systems that set them up for success. 

Kate offers her five main steps to set up systems, and we talk about where you should begin if you’ve already set up your business and want to remove yourself from some of the day-to-day and find more freedom. 

If you enjoyed today’s episode, I’d love if you share on social and tag me @emilyrichett! And don’t forget to check out Kate’s podcast for more about creating systems and processes that will set your business up for success. 

Topics discussed:

  • [3:00] Kate’s role in Entrepreneurs on Fire & what prompted her new podcast
  • [6:30] Five steps to set up systems in your business
  • [12:00] Kate’s typical day and morning routine 
  • [15:00] How Kate relies on delegation and automation
  • [22:00] The #1 thing to focus on to step out of your business
  • [30:00] What’s next for Kate and Entrepreneurs on Fire

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