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Episode 63: Best of The AMPLIFY Show: Break the Twitch And Live a More Intentional Life, With Anthony Ongaro

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Today I’m back with another “Best of The AMPLIFY Show” interview, and I love that today’s interview is one of our most popular out of more than 60 now; it’s my interview with Anthony Ongaro, author of Break The Twitch

Anthony’s book and our interview dive into the actual addiction or “twitch” of our devices. That twitch or impulse to reach for something you want quickly instead of sitting with discomfort – whether that’s food, phones and other devices, shopping, substances, etc. 

I’m currently testing some methods and researching some ways to “break the twitch” myself. I am a month in a half into a social media sabbatical, and I’m also about a month into using the light phone, which is basically a dumb phone. It only texts and makes calls. You can read more about my thoughts on my social media sabbatical in one of my recent blog posts, linked below. 

My interview with Anthony earlier this year is one of my favorites– his book was too. I highly recommend logging off a bit over the holidays and reading it. It might just inspire you with those new years’ resolutions, and it could even change how you live your life.


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