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Episode 67: Fasting For Spiritual Growth With Wendy Speake

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We’re just a couple weeks away from Lent, and I have a few interviews coming up that will help prepare our minds and hearts for the season of fasting, including today’s interview with Wendy Speake. 

Wendy is the author of many books including The 40-Day Sugar Fast, The 40-Day Social Media Fast, and the book where I initially discovered her: Parenting Triggers, which she co-authored with Amber Lia. 

You know I’m a big fan of purposeful hardship; I have plenty of blogs and interviews dedicated to just that topic. But it’s not just about the resilience. It’s not just about ditching a sugar habit or quitting social media. 

It’s about what you’re gaining– when you free your mind and time and soul of your subconscious habits and crutches, you open your heart to so much more. 

That’s what Wendy’s books are about, and what we focus on in this interview. We chat about how to use fasting as a tool for spiritual growth, figuring out what you turn to in times of stress, and what comes after the fast. 

I really enjoyed this conversation with Wendy, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

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