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Episode 71: Habits for Holiness with Fr. Mark-Mary Ames

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I’m back recording some new episodes after a bit of a break during Lent and my season doing Magnify90– you can hear more about what Magnify90 is just a few episodes back where I interviewed the creator, Kaylene Brown

In this episode I share about my experience with Lent and Magnify90 during a Michigan winter, my husband recovering from knee surgery, sick kids, you name it. 

I also talk with Father Mark-Mary Ames, the author of Habits For Holiness: Small Steps For Making Big Spiritual Progress and Director of Communications of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. 

Fr. Mark-Mary put it beautifully: that we’re all craving to live at a high level, to live passionately, and to be “all in” – and in doing that, we actually want the unwatered truth.

We want the real, hard truth, delivered with love & boldness, and that is exactly what you get from Father Mark-Mary in this interview. He also shares some specific steps and strategies for pursuing holiness.

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