Episode 4: The War on Chidren, Defending Truth & the Parenting Revolution with Landon Starbuck


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Welcome to episode 4!

In this episode, Mama Bear Landon Starbuck joins us to talk about the war on children and the urgent need to rise up and join the parenting revolution.

The War on Children – a Documentary and a Battle Cry

Landon and her husband Robby Starbuck produced the impactful film “The War On Children,” that exposes the ongoing battle for control of the next generation and their minds.

While the film was blocked by the mainstream media and from being promoted on most social media channels, Elon Musk shared it on X where it gained more than 40 million views in the first week.

Defending the Truth

One of the most dangerous methods being used against our children changing language, definitions and the lack of basic, objective truth and faith. Landon and Emily talk about the devasting impact this has had on our youth and what we can do about it.

The Parenting Revolution

Landon shares strategies to shift the power back to parents.

Action Items + Mentioned on the Show:

  1. Watch the War on Children
  2. Read Landon’s free Parenting Revolution guide.
  3. Send this episode to a Mama Bear who needs to hear it!

More about Landon Starbuck:

Landon left the music industry as a Billboard charting singer/songwriter to use her voice advocating for children and women who’ve experienced trafficking and exploitation.

Over the years, she’s lent her expertise to national organizations and boards combatting human trafficking and abuse of women and children.

She’s a partner with The National Center On Sexual Exploitation and a member of The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation.

In 2021, Landon directed the largest coalition and demonstration at our Southern border exposing the human trafficking crisis.

In 2022, Landon was invited to give a TEDX talk at the historic Franklin Theatre. Months after receiving a standing ovation, she was told her talk, “Stopping The Epidemic of Child Trafficking & Exploitation” was BANNED by TEDX for supposedly violating their content guidelines yet they failed to cite any part of the talk that violated the guidelines.

Child protection advocates were quick to condemn TedX for banning Landon’s powerful talk.