I'm Emily - a wife, mom of four, and recovering achiever. 

I know what it's like to tie your self-worth and identity to productivity and accomplishments.

For years, I hustled in my news career and media business, contributing to top outlets, building a wonderful team, and working with some of the fastest-growing brands in the country. It was filled with exciting challenges, growth, and – if I can be honest with you – a whole lot of misplaced energy and striving. With two small children at home, I found myself stuck on a hamster wheel, spinning faster than I could keep up. Maybe you can relate!

Then, in 2020, I received an unexpected gift – the opportunity to rethink how I approached business and to overcome the pervasive hustle culture that so many of us millennial moms have fallen for. And it changed my life.

Join me on this journey to redefine success, where we navigate motherhood in a changing world through the podcast and upcoming book, Mama Bear Survival. Want to start or grow a business rooted in your values? Explore my faith-filled business mentorship. And if you have doll-loving girls, be sure to check out my doll company that doesn't compromise your values, Faith Friends

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Hello there!

Emily Richett is a former TV news reporter with two decades experience working in media, both in front of and behind the camera. She is the founder of HAPPY PR, a publicity agency that has worked with some of the fastest growing private businesses in the country. As a media contributor, her work is featured in top business and lifestyle publications, including INC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and FOX, NBC, and ABC TV news stations around the country.

In 2020, Emily earned Click Funnels' 2-Comma Club Award for earning more than $1-million in a single sales funnel that was responsible for helping dozens of brands achieve press and media coverage.

In 2023, Emily filled a void in the market and launched the Christian alternative to 18-inch dolls, Faith Friends Co.

Emily continues her passion for sharing inspiring stories & education on her top-rated podcast, Mama Bear Survival, where she shares her beginner journey in self-reliance and preparedness with industry leaders.

Emily lives in Michigan with her husband and four children and loves exploring the outdoors and learning new skills that she can pass down to her children.

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"Emily has supercharged my business with her PR skills! She's amazing at navigating the complex world of media- Working with Emily is what you need to get to the next level."


We have worked with agencies from coast to coast but Emily and the HAPPY team have a level of hustle and passion that gets results… they’re ten steps ahead.


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