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Welcome to the very first episode! Pack Your Go-Bag– The Mama Bear Survival Journey “Because Mama Bear survival isn’t just a passive feel-good podcast. This show is really going to take listeners on a journey this year and I hope that you’ll join me for it.” Are you ready to adventure together this year? Here […]

Episode 1: Unleash Your Inner Mama Bear – a Journey to Self-Reliance and Preparedness

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Welcome to episode 3 where we talk personal protection and firearms education with Lena Miculek, 9x world shooting champion behind the revolutionary Rose by SIG SAUER program. It’s an eye-opening talk on women’s firearm education, self-reliance, fears, and finding strength in the booming echo of the shooting range. Arming Mama Bears: Empowerment through Firearm Skills […]

Episode 3: Taking Ownership of Your Personal Protection & Firearms Education with Lena Miculek & Rose by SIG SAUER


Lena Miculek on Mama Bear Survival