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Episode 10: Using the Enneagram for Work and Life with Meredith TerHaar and Joe Graham

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If you want to experience growth through self-awareness then you’ve got to get to know the Enneagram. My guests on this episode are Meredith TerHaar, certified Enneagram coach, Enneagram 3, and Operations Manager for our company, and Joe Graham, certified coach and Enneagram 5. 


Meredith and Joe give us a quick overview of what the Enneagram is, then dig into how you can use it to increase success, connection, and understanding in business and in life. The Enneagram isn’t just another personality quiz, it’s a valuable tool for self-knowledge that can help you move the needle in the workplace and at home. 


“The Enneagram is this amazing tool that helps us walk down that road of growth.” -Joe Graham


Topics discussed on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Meredith’s Enneagram journey and how she experienced growth in every area of life [2:40]
  • What learning your Enneagram number can bring up emotionally [4:30]
  • How to find your number [5:30]
  • Overview and basic characteristics of each of the 9 types [8:45]
  • Why knowing your co-workers’ types is so helpful and important [13:30]
  • How the enneagram has entered in to the workplace for Emily and Meredith [14:45]
  • Building a more cohesive team with the Enneagram [17:45]
  • Self-knowledge and improved social interactions [20:00]
  • The Enneagram and marriage [22:30]
  • Varying conflict styles [25:00]
  • What Enneagram coaching is all about [28:00]
  • Favorite resources for learning about the Enneagram [31:00]
  • Connecting with Meredith and Joe [34:00]


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