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Episode 11: Overcoming Failure and Achieving Greatness with Lewis Howes

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I had an opportunity to interview Lewis Howes, best-selling author, multi-million dollar entrepreneur, high visibility podcaster and former pro-athlete, a few years back. 


In this interview, Lewis shares about a huge life setback he experienced, and how he overcame it to achieve high level success. He shares what inspired him to completely change the direction of his life, and how he uses failure as valuable feedback. If you’re feeling stuck in your journey, or have experienced a game-changing setback of your own, you don’t want to miss this interview. 


Topics discussed with Lewis Howes on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Turning trauma into success [2:15]
  • Listening to mentors, learning new skills and figuring out what you like [2:45]
  • What Lewis would change about his journey [4:00]
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in business [4:30]
  • Using failure as feedback to drive greater success [5:45]
  • The book that completely changed the course of Lewis’s life [10:45]
  • Lewis’s take on whether entrepreneurs are born or made [12:15]


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