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Episode 14: Creating Abundance and Crushing Sales with Myron Golden

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We all sell. Whether you are in sales as a profession or you’re trying to convince your kid to clean their room, we all sell at some point in our lives. My guest for this podcast interview is Myron Golden; he knows sales and he knows adversity.

He has gone from broke to living the life of his dreams, and he has the wisdom and tangible advice to help you turn your passion into profit. The name of his book, “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man,” says it all. Whether you are a business owner ready to explode your sales, or a parent in need of a different approach, take a listen.


Topics discussed with Myron Golden on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Abundance and lack are always present, but it makes a difference which you see [1:50]
  • How to shift mindset during rough times [3:30]
  • How Myron started his upward trajectory [4:00]
  • Lasting through the learning curve, and what failing shows us [4:15]
  • Why selling what you want someone to buy doesn’t work [5:15]
  • How making people feel something is the key to sales [6:30]
  • How strong future vision enables us to endure [7:15]
  • Communicating heart to heart not head to head [8:00]


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