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Episode 15: Finding Joy in Simplicity in Business & Life with Courtney Carver

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Today’s lifestyle of overwhelm doesn’t have to be your lifestyle. My guest on the podcast is author and entrepreneur Courtney Carver of Be More With Less. She is sharing her journey from overworked, drowning in debt, and overwhelmed with stress to a stream-lined, minimalist, healthier life.



She tells us how her body finally said, “enough”; when illness stopped her in her tracks, she realized it was time to change her life completely. She’s sharing wisdom and practical advice for how to reduce stress and live the lives we truly want.


“Our bodies remember; the stress has to be held somewhere, and it shows itself eventually.” -Courtney Carver


Topics discussed with Courney Carver on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • The “typical American Dream” of working all the time and numbing out to reward ourselves and self-medicate [1:30]
  • Courtney’s final wake up call; the diagnosis that finally made her slow down and evaluate her lifestyle [5:10]
  • “Triggers for change” and the need to eliminate stress to gain better health [7:00]
  • Finding the stress in all areas of our lives and figuring out ways to make things easier [8:45]
  • Increasing awareness and realizing that life doesn’t have to be hard and stressful [9:10]
  • How to deal with nostalgic items in a minimalist way [10:30]
  • Courtney’s number one tip for getting started with paring down [15:45]
  • How we end up avoiding things we truly want to accomplish in life in exchange for quick fixes and managing life circumstances [17:00]
  • Dealing with metrics and numbers in business without undue stress [18:30]
  • Project 333: Courtney’s new book and minimalist fashion challenge [20:30]


“Whenever you can make big change small, you have a much better chance of creating real sustainable transformation.” -Courtney Carver


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