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Episode 23: How to Use Journaling to Manifest Confidence & Find Clarity with Rachel Luna

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Today on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Rachel Luna, an international speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, former US Marine, cancer thriver, and the chief confidence creator at

Rachel has an incredible backstory. She has overcome so many obstacles, and yet she still radiates positivity. I wanted to know about her mindset, how she got to where she was, and how she uses journaling as a tool for self-awareness, clarity, and confidence.

I hope you’ll take as much from Rachel as I did. You can find her journaling tips, book, podcast, and more on her website


“Don’t mistake great marketing for great leadership. Pay attention to those people you are looking up to as leaders. Are they really leading you in the right direction?” -Rachel Luna


Topics discussed on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • [3:00] One trainwreck after another
  • [5:00] When to share what you’re learning and growing through
  • [9:30] Following good leadership, not just good marketing
  • [12:30] How to really know what you want
  • [16:00] How to find clarity through journaling & write without judgement
  • [21:00] Refocusing your goals on what you can control 
  • [24:30] Why you should read your journal out loud
  • [27:30] Hygiene for your mind
  • [30:00] “Take everything and use it for your good”
  • [33:00] The importance of motion
  • [34:00] What if someone reads my journal?
  • [39:00] How to confront fear of rejection and judgement


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