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Episode 24: How to Create the Lifestyle You Desire & Find Financial Clarity with Tara Jones-Williamson

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In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Tara Jones-Williamson, the founder, CEO, and success coach of Your Pretty Pennies.

I first met Tara a few years ago when we sat on a panel together for Ladies Get Paid, and we instantly connected. She is so inspiring to me, not only as a businesswoman, but as a woman. Tara learned about personal finance out of necessity as a single mom trying to make ends meet. Not only was she able to triple her salary and start her own business, but now she helps other women find financial freedom and build wealth. 

Tune in to learn about Tara’s strategies for negotiating a higher salary, finding financial success, and creating your ideal lifestyle. 


“If you get caught up in the additions and subtractions in life, you start to add and subtract your self-worth… You have to separate your personal value from the value you bring to the workplace, to your finances.” -Tara Jones-Williamson


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • [4:00] How Tara taught herself personal finance
  • [7:15] Why a coach will make a difference
  • [10:30] The number one thing that holds women back from financial clarity
  • [14:00] Detaching your worth from your finances
  • [16:45] Tara’s salary negotiation strategy
  • [22:45] Emily’s salary negotiation strategy
  • [27:00] The difference between education and relevant experience 
  • [32:00] How Tara tripled her income
  • [34:00] Step by step process to start thriving in your finances
  • [38:30] Realizing more isn’t always better
  • [41:00] When over-achieving gets dangerous
  • [48:00] Identifying the life you want


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