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Episode 25: Rebuilding with Purpose & Clarity to Create the Life & Business You Love: My interview on the Irie Lemon Podcast

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I'm Emily — a resourceful mom but, if I'm being honest, a terrible prepper. It wasn't until I realized that...

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Today’s episode is a bit different than usual. I’m sharing an update on how my business and life have changed significantly since COVID-19. I talk about rebuilding my public relations agency with intention after three challenging months, where 80% of my business was wiped out. I also share some of my biggest takeaways in overcoming these obstacles.

Then I’m sharing a replay of my conversation on the Irie Lemon Podcast with Liz Della Croce and Vincent Mcintosh, which happened when I was in the middle of this huge transition.

Listen for more about why doing more isn’t always better, the importance of refocusing and reevaluating goals, and looking inward rather than seeking external validation and affirmation. 

And be sure to check out the Irie Lemon Podcast! Liz and Vince also recently launched a mastermind, and I highly recommend signing up for a seat while you can. 


“The biggest thing I’ve learned is there are seasons in life, and it’s not forever. It’s all temporary.” -Liz Della Croce


Topics discussed on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • [1:30] A look into my business, HAPPY PR
  • [5:30] Crisis mode during COVID
  • [9:00] Finding freedom as an entrepreneur
  • [10:30] My conversation with Liz and Vince on the Irie Lemon Podcast
  • [12:00] I talk about my background and the transition I’m going through
  • [30:00] How COVID impacted Vince’s restaurant and goals
  • [35:00] Figuring out what you can actually control
  • [38:00] What I regret most about constant striving in my business
  • [50:00] “It’s just a season”
  • [1:07:00] Figuring out my ideal day and how to make it happen
  • [1:28:00] Creating the life you want to live


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