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Episode 26: Keep Winning: Business Through a Pandemic with Vincent Mcintosh

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In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Vincent Mcintosh, the 23-year-old owner of Irie Kitchen here in West Michigan.

Vince opened his restaurant at age 19, and you’ll hear more about how being an entrepreneur is just part of his DNA. We also talk about being a restaurant owner during a pandemic, our shared traits as Enneagram 3s, and the merits of crunchy versus creamy peanut butter. 

He’s launching a mastermind this fall with Liz over at the Lemon Bowl, with whom he also hosts the Irie Lemon Podcast

If you’re in a place of transition right now too, I think Vince’s attitude, personality, and philosophy will serve you well. Happy listening!


“The biggest thing I’ve learned is it takes more than just what you can do. In a brick and mortar business, you need people.” -Vincent Mcintosh


Topics discussed on this episode of The Amplify Show:

  • [3:00] About Vince
  • [4:15] Having an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age
  • [6:00] What it takes to start a restaurant at 19
  • [8:00] Vince’s takeaways from launching his first brick & mortar
  • [11:00] How to find your people as a young entrepreneur
  • [15:00] Weathering COVID & vandalism 
  • [20:00] Keeping a restaurant alive during the pandemic
  • [27:00] Vince’s plan for shifting his business
  • [30:00] Why every entrepreneur should invest in a mastermind


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