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Episode 27: Declutter to Simplify & Amplify Your Life with Allie Casazza

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In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Allie Casazza, the Life Minimalist, host of the Purpose Show, and author of the upcoming book, Declutter Like a Mother

I found Allie on Instagram, and her life mission to help moms find joy, simplicity, and ease in motherhood immediately resonated with me. Especially because she’s running a fast-growth business and homeschooling her children at the same time. 

In this episode, you’ll learn about Allie’s business, how she structures her team, how she organizes her schedule, and strategies for keeping your life intentional and simple, starting with your physical space. 

And be sure to check out Allie’s special page of decluttering resources just for the AMPLIFY Show listeners:


“Infuse everything you do with purpose… Instead of maintaining your life, you’ll be making space to actually live it.” -Allie Casazza


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • [4:45] Allie’s purpose and story
  • [6:30] Reactive state and mom culture
  • [8:30] Clearing physical and mental space to find your purpose
  • [11:00] Allie’s top decluttering tips
  • [13:40] Deciding what to keep and what to ditch
  • [16:00] “What takes up space, takes up time”
  • [19:00] Clearing your calendar and mental space
  • [21:00] How Allie has structured her business
  • [25:30] Allie’s advice to moms trying to find time to find their purpose
  • [28:30] Opening up to the spirituality, energy, and intuition side of things
  • [30:45] Analytics vs. feeling 


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