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Episode 28: Creating Business and Personal Momentum Through Crisis with Alex Charfen

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Meet Emily

This is going to be a really different interview today with someone I deeply admire. He’s been my business coach for a couple years, he’s an author, and mentor for fast-growth businesses.

My guest is Alex Charfen. I’ve had him on the show before but today will be a bit different. Alex ends up interviewing me more than I interview him, as we dive into the steps I took to transition my business during COVID and how I came out stronger on the other side. 

I applied a lot of what I learned from Alex during this time of crisis – our operational cadence, our processes and systems, how to stay in momentum – and everything changed for the better. In this episode, Alex and I break down exactly what I did to shift my business and my mindset to find momentum in my business and freedom in my life. 

If you enjoy Alex’s insight in this episode, don’t miss his free momentum master class next week. The three-day virtual event will consist of six different sessions of Alex’s best content, each with a Q&A at the end. Sign up for the free class at


“The opportunity of being an entrepreneur is to design the life you actually want, not the life you have to react to, not the life you have to be frustrated with… Start with the destination and work backward.” -Alex Charfen


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • [3:00] How Emily grew her business but still felt trapped by it
  • [4:20] “Crisis is an accelerator”
  • [6:00] You can’t expect things to go back to how they were
  • [9:00] The process that made Emily’s transition possible
  • [11:45] How Emily shifted her mindset 
  • [13:30] Why process, structure, and routine are critical
  • [19:00] Just because your business isn’t growing doesn’t mean you aren’t growing 
  • [22:00] Recognizing momentum outside of money
  • [27:00] What happens when your business no longer needs you 
  • [31:00] In order to grow your business, you have to learn to let go 
  • [33:00] Determine what you want first and build from there
  • [35:00] Getting to your ideal day and the power of attraction
  • [40:45] Entrepreneurs grow during crises
  • [45:30] Alex’s best advice for parents homeschooling their kids


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