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Episode 31: 2020 Year Recap & My Top 10 Books & Resources that Impacted Business & Life

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Happy almost new year!

In today’s episode, I’m taking a look back at the epic year of 2020 and all the twists, turns, failures, and achievements.

 The first 10 minutes or so, I share a look back at the year that started with earning a “2 Comma Club” award at Funnel Hacking Live for earning more than one million dollars in one of our funnels. And then, spoiler alert, just a couple months later, our monthly recurring revenue was wiped out 80% during COVID shutdowns. I talk about the breakdown and rebuild of my agency as well as a lot of personal challenges and growth that happened throughout the year.


“This was supposed to be a milestone year and one I worked hard for, but at the end of the day, none of the reward or success is owed to me. If I wanted to have something left, I knew I needed to let it go.”


Then, I share 10 of the authors, podcasters, and resources that were invaluable to me and my business during 2020. 

I hope some of these books, podcasts, resources, and strategies are helpful. If you find one that makes a positive impact for you in the new year, I’d love to know about it.

Thanks for listening to today’s episode. I’m really grateful you’re here and I’m looking forward to the new year. 

Resources Mentioned:

Honorable mention- I forgot to include this one in the podcast but it deserves a mention here: Tom Bilyeu’s Podcast, Impact Theory. I saw Tom speak in January and was really inspired by his mindset. I binged this podcast early in the year and revisited it often.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • [1:15] Reflecting on the start of 2020
  • [5:15] Why I struggled with balancing my business and my life (more about this is in the replay of my interview on the Irie Lemon Podcast)
  • [6:10] March, pandemic shutdowns, and clients in crisis
  • [8:00] Breaking the thought cycle I get trapped in
  • [11:15] The 10 strategies and resources that made the biggest impact this year  
  • [18:40] What to expect on the next episode

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