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Episode 37: Stay Visible Online While Being Present in Life

Motherhood + Life

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In today’s episode, I’m talking about the fine balance in being visible online while still being present in LIFE. 

As an entrepreneur, being visible online and having a brand presence on social media is important. At the same time, social media and attachment to our devices are changing the way we live, think, and feel. They’re distracting us from living present, mindful lives. As a mom who has been home with kids more this past year, it’s become extra difficult to find balance. 

When I started embarking on this journey for simplicity (both in life and online), I kept getting stuck at this big question: How do we stay visible and connected without giving up our peace of mind and being a slave to our addicting devices? 

In today’s episode, I’ll tackle this question and share some of the strategies I’m using to find digital balance in life and work. 


Topics Discussed:

  • Why I finally ditched my social media apps
  • 3 strategies to stay visible without losing your freedom, presence, and sanity
  • The benefits + downsides to spending less time online
  • Tools to leverage an online presence without giving it your time


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