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Episode 39: The Business Value of Community with Katya Libin

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Today I’m talking with Katya Libin, the CEO and co-founder of HeyMama and one of the Center for Women & Wealth’s 20 most inspiring women to watch out for in 2020. HeyMama is a private online community of entrepreneurial and working moms from around the globe. 

Katya talks about how she started HeyMama, her background and moving to the US when she was 3, and we talk about the importance of community- both in business and personally. 

I’m excited to be hosting a workshop for the HeyMama community next week all about how to get featured in the media. They offer great virtual workshops like that but also in-person events and connection. Overall, this group is a great place to be if you’re a working mom.

Tune in for Katya’s code to get $50 off a HeyMama membership, and learn more over at You can also register for my workshop happening next week at


“You’re going to find a million reasons to not get started, but try to come up with the bare minimum to start tomorrow.”
-Katya Libin


Topics discussed:

  • Why community is vital to business
  • What to look for when forming/finding your community
  • How to leverage your community

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