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Episode 40: The Common Path To Uncommon Success With John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire

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Today on the show I’m talking with John Lee Dumas, the award winning host of Entrepreneurs on Fire. 

I’ve had JLD on the show before, and I’ve been on his podcast. I call JLD the godfather of podcasting because he was one of the first to really focus on the entrepreneur niche in podcasts.

Today John and I talk about his newest book The Common Path to Uncommon Success. As someone who has interviewed thousands of high-achievers, you can bet he’s learned a few things about carving the uncommon path. I always enjoy his perspective– it reminds me of my background as a news reporter, when I interviewed more than 6,000 people doing great things. You do learn a ton from others when you have that opportunity. 

So JLD put his lessons and strategies into a book as a roadmap for the rest of us. He also has some incredible bonuses if you pre-order at

Topics discussed:

  • How people have been lied to by the ‘experts’ in the online business world
  • What do we really want to achieve? 
  • 17-step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment 
  • JLD’s new book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success

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