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Episode 47: Coming of Age in The Digital Age With Lauren Ellman

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On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Lauren Ellman, the author of the book BRB: A Memoir About Coming of Age in The Digital Age

This episode kicks off a sort of mini-series; I’ve been on a journey interviewing authors about minimalism, simplicity, and how to break free from our addiction to tech, social media, and outside affirmation. I’ll be sharing more interviews with authors and thought leaders as I try to navigate living a life with less use of technology and social media, which is tricky as an entrepreneur. 

In this interview, Lauren talks about what inspired her book, growing up as a millennial at the start of the internet, and how to navigate mental health and our sense of self while using social media and technology. 

She also shares tools she has used to repair her relationship with social media and the boundaries that help her stay connected with friends and family without letting social media impact her mental wellbeing. 

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