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Summer always seems to fly by, especially here in Michigan! We’re soaking up the last few weeks and also prepping to head back to school. I’ll have a kindergartner and first grader this year! Kindergarten will start only 3 days a week so we’ll do a combo of homeschool + traditional school.

As we start to ease kids back to routines, here are some mom-invented products that can make that transition a bit easier. Keep reading, or scroll down to watch my video guide! 

Like always, I only recommend products I have personally tested and I would actually use. If you purchase products from affiliate links in this blog, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Magic Playbook

I have a new baby at home, so I don’t have as much time to plan activities for the big kids as I used to. The Magic Playbook is my secret weapon for making play fun and easy. 

It’s a digital print & play subscription service that makes creating activities easier. It was created by two moms who have six kids under the age of six to help other parents put together seasonal, fun, and educational activities that will spark imaginations. 

Here’s how it works- each month, you receive a collection of themed printables and activities. You also get easy-to-follow directions and shopping lists, and a library list to complement the fun.

No time for printing? No problem! They even have an option to get it all printed and shipped directly to you.


The Letter Nest

Next up, The Letter Nest provides beautiful decor for your homeschool room or playroom. These are print-to-order designs from New York City artist and mom Sally King McBride.

I love the alphabet prints; each watercolor connects a letter with an image, like “A for anchor.“ 

And they come in these fun, whimsical designs like woodland and floral and a bunch of other options to match your kids’ personalities. You can also order a custom name or monogram print, which is really great for gifting as well. These are all painted, printed, and framed in the USA.

Wander & Roam

Another product that is great for kids without compromising style, is a beautiful, non-toxic foam mat by Wander & Roam. It’s one piece of biodegradable eco-friendly foam, so it’s large enough for your little ones without having a bunch of separate foam pieces that end up all over the house. 

It’s also reversible, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. My favorite is one of their design collaborations with designer and mom Erin Gates- she’s the award-winning blogger behind Elements of Style. I just love it for moving around the house as needed, and it works with your decor and home vibes, not against it. 



Back to school can mean back to hectic mornings, but Beddy’s will make things smoother. It’s the bed that practically makes itself. Beddy’s is one piece- the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and comforter are all built-in and go on your bed in one piece, then your child simply unzips the top to crawl in for bed, and in the morning, they zip it back up. 

No more struggles with getting your kids to finally make their beds. They come in a bunch of different designs and sizes, so you can even get these for your own bed too. They wash all in one piece or you can fully unzip the top portion and wash separately.

It has this soft minky panel inside for snuggling too!

Swaddle Sleeves

Speaking of sleep, here’s another mom-invented product that will help make sure you and your baby are getting a lot of it. 

Swaddle Sleeves is an entire line of baby sleep gear that was designed in collaboration with pediatricians and sleep experts. It features gently weighted, attachable sleeves that soothe baby’s startles, helping them to stay asleep and safely on their back. 

I love the double zipper for quick changes, and when the weighted sleeves aren’t needed, you can swap them out for the non-weighted mitten sleeves.

The line of products includes convertible swaddle pods, footie pajamas, bodysuits, and sleep sacks all with removable sleeves. 

So there you have it – a few ideas to help make transitions at home and back to school a little bit easier for you and your family. 

Watch my TV tour below, and let me know what you think of these recommendations over on social – you can find me @emilyrichett on all channels!