3 Tips to Getting Featured on TV


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So you’ve crafted your elevator pitch, and you’re ready to pitch your business or idea for a local TV story. 

I have more tips in my publicity guide and a thorough pitching section in my PR course, but here are a few quick tips to get you started!

1- Keep your subject line short & compelling

Producers receive hundreds of emails every morning, and they don’t have time to read them all. So, as they’re making a quick scan down the list, they look for subjects that are attention-grabbing. A couple ways to grab attention – start the subject line with the producer’s name, or add phrases like Must See, Newsworthy, and Visual!

The shorter the better. Why? Because if you write a long subject, it will get cut off and you have to open the email to read it all. 

Try sending the pitch to yourself first to see how it looks in your inbox lined up with other emails. Does the subject stand out? Is it too long and gets lost in the mix? Try getting a second opinion on whether the subject is eye-catching.

2- Pitch from the audience’s perspective

Producers are responsible for sharing news that viewers will care about. So make sure to tell them if you have an event that is open to the public, a new product that will help people, or a business that will make an impact in the community.

It’s not always obvious how your business or service will be of interest to their audience, so don’t be afraid to spell it out for them!

3- Follow up

Again, those 400-600 emails flood his inbox each day, so even if you do have a great story or idea to share, producers or reporters won’t always remember to get back to you. Following up is helpful!

Although, if you’ve followed up 2-3 times and still haven’t heard back, chances are, they aren’t interested or your timing is bad. Try a different angle and re-pitch in a couple months.

There you have it – I hope this helps you get started on your pitching journey! Once you successfully land a media interview, be sure to read through my media interview tips so you feel confident and prepared!