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Episode 74: Survival, Love & Forgiveness with Melissa Ohden

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In today’s powerful episode, I’m talking with Melissa Ohden. I recorded this interview seven months ago but was waiting for the right time to share it- and a more honest answer would be that I hesitated to share this because I knew the interview may make some people uncomfortable.  

While the topic of the interview may seem political or controversial,  Melissa’s story really is for everyone. It’s the story that often gets overlooked in the whole life and choice debate. It’s one that I didn’t even realize existed until I heard her share it 7-8 years ago at a fundraiser for a pregnancy center in Grand Rapids. 

Melissa Ohden is the author of “You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir.” The book tells her story, from the time she learns she was the survivor of a botched abortion, all the way to finding her biological parents and her journey through anger and shame to eventual forgiveness and empowerment. Ultimately, Melissa’s story is one of survival and love. 

Melissa is a master’s level social worker and the founder of a nonprofit that helps other survivors like her.  

I know her story has the power to change hearts and to change minds, but that isn’t why I’m sharing it. 

I share it because so few others will, especially in the secular media. I share it because Melissa is a beautiful woman who has overcome incredible hardship; she survived a terrible injustice and she now gives a voice to thousands like her who are shunned and ignored by our society and lawmakers. In any other scenario, Melissa would be a woman our culture, and especially other women, cheer for. But that is not the world Melissa – or the rest of us – lives in. 

As she so powerfully shared with Congress many times and with us on the show, she is “a woman who has the right to get her own abortion and yet… she didn’t have the right to be born in the first place…”

But as you’ll hear, because of a medical mistake, the courage of some incredible nurses, and the grace of God (there’s no denying divine intervention here!), Melissa was born. 

I’m honored to share her story with you today. 


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