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Episode 75: Cultural Worship, Modern Beliefs, & Finding Unshakeable Faith – Defending Life From a Christian Perspective

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What does it mean to be a Christian and to stand up for your beliefs on hot-topic issues? How can you respectfully share with others, especially non-believers, in a way that will resonate? In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, Emily takes a deep dive into what she has discovered since speaking out on the topic of abortion and the sanctity of life from a Christian perspective. 

She sheds light on why she chose to share her convictions publically, inviting criticism and judgment. She also shares her insights into what she has discovered to be at the core of the issue for many who are on different sides of this topic. Using faith and reason, she shares a new perspective for Christians who want to defend their faith when it’s unpopular, while also presenting a new angle for those who want to understand the Christian view.

In this episode Emily shares:

  • The idea that people are made for worship. If they aren’t worshipping God, they will worship worldly beliefs, customs, government policies, popular opinion and other people.
  • The impact this has over time when increasingly more people base their moral foundation not in an everlasting truth, but in ever-changing beliefs and cultural norms.
  • What inspired her to speak publicly about her faith and belief on a controversial issue, despite criticism and judgment.
  • Why so many people seem stuck in a state of “lukewarm” belief and how to move from this safe middle ground to a place of unshakeable faith.

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