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Episode 80: Little Way of Living with Less with Laraine Bennett

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I'm Emily — a resourceful mom but, if I'm being honest, a terrible prepper. It wasn't until I realized that...

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This week on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m talking with Laraine Bennett, author of “The Little Way of Living with Less.”

The book takes you through a spiritual journey guided by St. Therese of Lisieux — it’s basically a spiritual take on the modern minimalist movement to help you downsize, declutter, and detach, while growing in virtue in the process.

The holidays are a great time to let go and to simplify while growing in faith and virtue!

In this episode we share:

  • Why the modern minimalism movement is missing the mark
  • My simple storage system for all my kids artwork, memorabilia and childhood memories
  • The secret to detaching to things so you can experience more joy and freedom
  • The role trust plays in the process of decluttering
  • How to start letting go of clutter, bad habits & sin

Mentioned in the episode:
Grab the book “The Little Way of Living with Less” on Amazon
Grab the book “The Temperament God Gave You”
Grab the book “The Temperament God Gave Your Kids”

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