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Episode 81- Media, Conspiracies, Censorship & the Good News with Justin Barclay 

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It’s the long awaited media episode!

Finally, on episode 81 of the AMPLIFY Show, I’m tackling all those juicy media issues and my behind-the-scenes experience working in journalism, TV news and PR. I invited a special guest on share his unique perspective, award winning radio broadcaster Justin Barclay. He hosts a show in West Michigan on WOOD radio and also frequently fills in for the Glenn Beck Show that airs in more than 300 markets across the country. He’s the Author of “Good News- Hope and Encouragement for Trying Times” and we go way back to my early days of broadcasting and TV news.   

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our experiences working in broadcast media during a time of massive change 
  • Media censorship, elections, “conspiracy theories” and critical thinking
  • Justin’s story of his adoption, growing in his faith, and the unexpected early birth of his daughter
  • Justin’s book and where you can find hope and “good news” during crazy times  

Mentioned on the Show: 

Buy & read Justin’s book The Good News, Hope And Encouragement For Trying Times

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