Shooting Range, Firearms & Tactical Skills: Inside the Rose Retreat (Part 2)


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Day 2: Shooting Range, Firearms & Tactical Skills  

** This is part 2 of a series. If you haven’t read it yet, hop on over to checkout day 1 and the start of my firearms journey at the Rose Retreat.**

Our second day began early with a delicious breakfast and retreat tradition known as sharing–a heartfelt ritual where attendees get to know one another by sharing what brought them together for the journey.

The stories were as diverse as the women themselves– some overcoming major challenges and frightening experiences.

Some who’ve grown up around guns their whole lives but never felt empowered to learn for themselves. Others who love the thrill of the sport and here to continue improving their skills.

There were quite a few women who were facing the unknown and stepping out to learn something completely new, like me.

Many echoed my feelings of seeking friendship and community of like minded women.

After breakfast we packed up and headed out to the range.

Off to the Range.

At the Nexus Shooting Range, we divided into small groups to rotate through three sessions. 

This was only my second visit to a range–ever!

So, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I didn’t feel nervous like before.

This time, I had a whole crew of women alongside me and about 10 experienced professionals ready to guide us through every step.

The whole retreat experience runs so smoothly, thanks in part to the SIG staff to attendee ratio being about 1 for every 1.5 attendees! This includes everyone from event planners to trainers. They’re all very approachable and genuinely seemed to care about ensuring each woman had a memorable experience.

First up: on the range with Lena.

Suddenly, those famous Youtube training sessions from my kitchen were now real life.


Starting with stance and grip, Lena walked through the basics, offering custom adjustments to each attendee as she coached them through a series of shooting drills.

I learned a lot simply from watching Lena make tiny adjustments and tweaks to each woman, and witnessing the nearly  instantaneous improvements as she applied them.


“Don’t be afraid to try something different and to fail,” Lena shared.

“Trying something new might not work but you get instant feedback. You know if it’s working–just look at the target!”

Stop the Bleed & Tourniquet

We were treated to a delicious lunch outside under a tent before heading in to the next session with Justin and Reuben from SIG Training Team.

They walked us through tourniquet technique and basic emergency medical protocol for stopping the bleed.

The great thing about the sessions is that whether you were already experienced on a topic or a beginner, there was something to learn.

Many women in my group were already familiar with tourniquets, including a former medic, but we all learned something new- for example, the difference between the SOF & the CAT tourniquets.

Gun Maintenance & Cleaning

Next, Angel and Arne from the SIG training team walked us through gun safety and clearing, the basics of maintenance and cleaning, and then promised a sneak peek at what was brewing in the pipeline for Rose.

It was great to get a personalized walk through of all the different parts, functions, and overall care of our firearms.

I had the pleasure to sit next to Claudine, an 82-year-old real estate agent. Whenever I got stuck, she pointed me in the right direction. I asked her how long she had been into guns and shooting– “Oh, more than 40 years,” she laughed.

Then she shared with me a story about when she was just getting started in real estate. Another local female agent in her area went on a house showing and was assaulted.

“I knew I never wanted to be a victim,” she said.

Another incredible woman with her own personal story and experiences. And here we all were, meeting at this point collectively, yet on our individual journeys.

Digital Range Experience

Then we headed back into the range to put our skills to the test with some fun at the digital range.

Instead of shooting at paper targets, the lights were dimmed and various objects were projected onto the targets, allowing us to take aim at everything from balloons to zombies.

Since I was still at the very beginning stages, I took an opportunity to work with another trainer to focus on the basics. My second time  shooting in the books!

Before we headed back to the hotel, we were given a sneak peek of the next Rose launch in the works. 

The team asked for feedback on it, opening the floor for suggestions.

Rose was designed specifically for women and all throughout the retreat, I got the sense that they truly listen to and value feedback from the attendees.

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me snap any pictures of this one!

But stay tuned… it’s something many women in the Rose community have been waiting for!

Returning to the hotel, we quickly freshened up for the evening’s festivities. This time, the theme was a white party, perfectly complementing the ‘Boca-Bougie’ (as Lena says!) ambiance.

We entered on a Rose runway into the elegant, open-air venue with live music, food stations, and even henna tattoos.

Before leaving, each guest received a parting gift– cocktail napkins and plates with Lena quotes!

My favorite:

“Optimism is a learned mindset and a choice… something you have to work on daily and always try to apply.” – Lena

Follow along to day 3- lifestyle sessions and the concealed carry fashion show.