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Concealed Carry Fashion Show, Self Defense & Lifestyle Sessions: Inside the Rose Retreat (Part 3)

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Day 3 at the Rose Retreat was all about lifestyle sessions in concealed carry, self defense, and shopping!

** This is part 3 of a series. If you haven’t read it yet, checkout day 1 and day 2 for the start of my firearms journey at the Rose Retreat.**

It was the final day of the Rose Retreat and we were back at The Boca Raton for lifestyle sessions, including a hands-on self defense class, concealed carry fashion show, a shopping extravaganza, and the grand finale dinner party (where an exciting announcement about the next retreat was made!).

Self Defense

We kicked off the day with self defense training led by Justin, a jiu jitsu black belt, and Reuben. The session started with the basics of self-defense, emphasizing scenario-based training tailored specifically for women.

Applying the self defense techniques and getting real-time feedback

One thing I truly appreciate about the firearms community is its dedication to overall safety and personal protection. Every woman at the retreat was eager to learn new skills and techniques to give them more tools before having to use their firearm in defense situations.

We covered situational awareness, techniques to break free from holds, and leveraging specific pressure points on the body to our advantage. One highlight was learning the wrist grab maneuver– you can find some of these breakdowns over on my Instagram highlights from the retreat.

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

Next up was the highly anticipated concealed carry fashion show—with a fusion of shopping, fashion, and fun. The show featured a Rose runway with team members modeling various concealed carry fashions tailored to different body types and styles.

The signature Rose Retreat Concealed Carry Fashion Show

During the show, we each received a Rose off-body carry fanny pack and a modular holster from Crossbreed Holsters. Lena guided us through proper placement and dry fire practice drawing from hip and crossbody positions.

Earlier in the day, Lena talked about the personal decision each woman has to make for herself when it comes to concealed carry.

“I was on a road trip and it hit me–the responsibility of my own personal protection,” Lena said.

“Not choosing to take on this responsibility doesn’t mean it goes away–It means someone else picks it up for me.”

“What happens to them if they step in for me and get injured because I neglected to do it–something I have the physical and mental capability to do? That is my why,” Lena shared.

Following the fashion show, we indulged in another delicious lunch while exploring various vendors and brands dedicated to supporting women in personal protection.

It was inspiring to meet the founders of these businesses and hear their passion for empowering women in firearms. Many offered giveaways, free products, or special discounts for attendees. The Rose pop-up shop featuring branded gear was a big hit, too.

I don’t want to spoil all the surprises for future attendees, but just know that they really spoil you with swag & gifts at the retreat! So much so, that they offer to ship home your extra goods if you don’t have room to pack it all… which, none of us did.

I’ve said it before, but they truly think of everything!

Retreat vendors included Crossbreed Holsters, Pelican Vertx, Comfort Concealment, 5.11 Tactical, USCCA & 221B Tactical


After the shopping session, Lena spent time personally fitting each attendee for her best concealment and comfort, staying late into her free time to make sure everyone who wanted it had a chance to walk away with a game plan that fits with her style & everyday life.

Her dedication to providing individual attention throughout the retreat underscored her commitment to supporting women on their firearms journey.

Then there was a little downtime in the schedule so I took a ride on the resort water taxi to the beach & soaked up some vitamin D before getting ready for the closing dinner party.

Hot retreat tip (I wish I could have done): A few of the women booked an extra day on the front or back end of the retreat to extend the vacation which I think is brilliant.

It wasn’t possible for me but those two hours with my feet in the sand were glorious!


Closing Celebration

Our evening concluded with another unforgettable party, this time at the hotel’s posh MB Supper Club. The “Rose magic” continued with fun surprises like Lena bobbleheads, dueling pianos, and the announcement of the next retreat… (drumroll!)

Mark your calendars for November 2024!

The Rose Retreat will be hosted in New Hampshire, SIG SAUER’s headquarters and location of the state-of-the-art SIG Experience Center.

After experiencing the Rose team’s creativity and capabilities off-site, I can only imagine the possibilities of a retreat at the SIG headquarters.


If you’re interested in going, I recommend joining the Rose Facebook community. They usually open the limited spots to the community there first before inviting the public.

So far, the retreats have been limited to 30 attendees. Will the next one on the home turf accommodate more? I didn’t get the inside scoop on that, but my best guess is that keeping the group smaller is part of what makes it special.

One thing is for sure–the Rose Retreat will continue to be a one-of-a-kind experience for women looking to start or grow on their journey of personal protection and firearms.

“This journey is yours… I hope being here helps you to own it and to take your personal protection to the next level.” – Lena Miculek

Want to learn more about the Rose by SIG SAUER program or my beginner firearms journey?

Be sure to subscribe to the Mama Bear Survival podcast (I recommend starting with my interview with Lena Miculek!) and be on the lookout for my other videos and an unboxing on Youtube and Instagram.

Thanks for being a part of the journey.

As always,

Stay safe out there, Mama Bear!