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Episode 51: Self-Help Gurus, Feminism & “Having it All”

Motherhood + Life

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I'm Emily — a resourceful mom but, if I'm being honest, a terrible prepper. It wasn't until I realized that...

Meet Emily

This episode is for all of my moms and women who feel like they’ve achieved a lot, overall, yet still feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed. If you’ve read all the popular books from the famous women authors and you follow the big influencers in the self-help space, but their feel-good advice doesn’t actually help, then this is especially for you! 

I made this episode that I wish I would have heard 4-6 years ago- the “me” that put so much of my self-worth and value in my productivity and achievements, while blindly following mainstream narratives about what would make me happy. 

In the summer of 2020, when I was able to finally breathe and the dust settled from all the upheaval in my business because of COVID, I was interviewed on a podcast (it’s linked here as a replay on The AMPLIFY Show)- it was supposed to be about business growth but it ended up being a very different kind of interview because I was going through so much transition. It is when I first realized that maybe I fell for a pack of lies that was disguised as self-help, feminism, and a promise of “having it all” at the cost of my own happiness. 

I share a few books and resources in this episode that helped me but I don’t have a specific roadmap or “5 tricks & hacks” – no easy solutions. My hope is that this episode sparks a little something for you and inspires you to continue the same journey I’ve been on these past two years. If this resonates with you, let me know! I’d love to hear from you over on Instagram @emilyrichett — or feel free to send me a note- 


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