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Episode 10: Concealed Carry Confidence and Empowering Moms with Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica

Mama Bear Survival

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We continue the Mama Bear Survival firearms journey with Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica.

We started our firearms journey in episode 3 with Lena Miculek, and today we continue it with the founder of the concealed carry fashion brand, Alexo Athletica, Amy Robbins joins the show to share her story of creating a brand to empower women in safety.

Key points:

  • Amy’s inspiring 2A and firearms journey that led her to start a concealed carry fashion line
  • Different tools and options for concealed carry beyond firearms
  • Safety tips for joggers and moms
  • The importance of training no matter what your tool of defense
  • Building self-reliance beyond firearms

Action Items & Next Steps:

  • Decide what type of defense tool you can begin carrying to increase your safety options
  • Checkout Alexo Athletica – use the code “mamabear” at checkout to save
  • Join us over on Instagram @mamabearsurvival and please, share the show with a likeminded mama bear!

As always- stay safe out there, mama bear.