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Episode 11: Raising Critical Thinkers and Empowering Children to Thrive in Today’s World with Katie Kimball

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In today’s episode, we tackle the question: How do we raise  critical thinkers and children who can think for themselves and ask questions, in a world that doesn’t want them to?

In this interview, we talk with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship about how we can raise our children in a world that doesn’t share our values and doesn’t encourage free thinking. We specifically discuss the concepts of nutrition and food, navigating technology and social media, how to parent when your kids feel different from their peers, and more.

Key points:

  • Raising critical thinkers starts at a young age.
  • How to navigate being “the only one” when it comes to technology rules and parenting decisions within a friend/school group.
  • How to best prepare our children for the world ahead, starting with some basics like kitchen skills.

Action Items & Next Steps:

  • Checkout Katie’s free Life Skills Now summer camp
  • It’s a free virtual camp over the summer where kids will learn those real life skills they aren’t being taught in school! There is also an option to buy a recording if you can’t attend live and take them at your own pace.
  • Join us over on Instagram @mamabearsurvival and please, share the show with a likeminded mama bear!

As always- stay safe out there, mama bear.

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