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Being a Crappy Christian, Cancel Culture & Relationship Over Religion with Blake Guichet

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In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I talk with Blake Guichet aka “The Girl Named Blake” on Instagram and the author of the newly released Confessions of a Crappy Christian: Real-Life Talk about All the Things Christians Aren’t Sure We’re Supposed to Say—and Why They Matter to God.  Blake is one of those brave […]

Episode 77: Being a Crappy Christian, Cancel Culture & Relationship Over Religion with Blake Guichet

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What does it mean to be a Christian and to stand up for your beliefs on hot-topic issues? How can you respectfully share with others, especially non-believers, in a way that will resonate? In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, Emily takes a deep dive into what she has discovered since speaking out on the […]

Episode 75: Cultural Worship, Modern Beliefs, & Finding Unshakeable Faith – Defending Life From a Christian Perspective

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The AMPLIFY Show: Episode 75 with Emily Richett

In today’s powerful episode, I’m talking with Melissa Ohden. I recorded this interview seven months ago but was waiting for the right time to share it- and a more honest answer would be that I hesitated to share this because I knew the interview may make some people uncomfortable.   While the topic of the interview […]

Episode 74: Survival, Love & Forgiveness with Melissa Ohden

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In today’s Biz Pep Talk, I’m talking about the trap many mom entrepreneurs find themselves in and how to break free from it: trading time for money.  I share how I transitioned my business from one that required a lot of my physical time and also drained my energy, leaving me without as much to […]

I’m back recording some new episodes after a bit of a break during Lent and my season doing Magnify90– you can hear more about what Magnify90 is just a few episodes back where I interviewed the creator, Kaylene Brown.  In this episode I share about my experience with Lent and Magnify90 during a Michigan winter, […]

Episode 71: Habits for Holiness with Fr. Mark-Mary Ames

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This blog was originally written for gethappypr.com. To get in touch with my agency, head to our website.  Downtown Grand Rapids recently welcomed the first Tupelo Honey location in the Great Lakes region, and the HAPPY team couldn’t wait to plan our first grand opening event since the start of the pandemic.  Tupelo Honey, an […]

Top Tips for Opening a Restaurant During a Pandemic


This was originally written for my agency on gethappypr.com. To get in touch with HAPPY, head to our website.    It’s always a HAPPY day when Inc. Magazine announces its annual Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing businesses. Not only is our founder a columnist for Inc., but several of our clients make the coveted list, […]

This was originally written for my agency at gethappypr.com in 2019. To get in touch with HAPPY, just head to our website! The wait for one of Grand Rapids’ largest ongoing developments is almost over. While team HAPPY PR is busy preparing for one of the most highly anticipated grand openings in West Michigan this […]

Five Reasons We’re Excited About One of Grand Rapids’ Biggest Grand Openings